Messengers of hope

Life is about legacy, whether it be genetic, material or political.

Every human on this earth leaves their footprints, their choices and actions, shaping the world of tomorrow. For this reason it seems natural that the measure of a man or woman should be determined not by what they have, but rather by what they give back. As greed and selfishness infect every sinew of our society so we lose sight of the importance of our legacy.

Responsibilities can be a heavy burden to bear and the journey travelled is one of sacrifice. But it is better to fight for hope than hope for a change.

Our worth and self-esteem cannot by judged by our material possessions any longer. They are merely a poor compensation for our cowardice, inactivity and indifference. It is time to invest in life before selfish investments in ourselves render us vacant and alone.

We have reached a point in time, where, as humans, our self-interest has outweighed our conscience. We attempt to quantify and justify suffering; we destroy for our sakes while not contemplating what we are taking from others, and we allow mistakes to go unnoticed and unchallenged so they can be made again and again.

Our natural world is a God given gift and yet we choose to injure it.  Inevitably our planet will die from its injuries and yet we continue to punish and brutalise it. As we go about our everyday lives, animals are being tortured and slaughtered to the point of extinction, children are dying from disease, malnutrition and warfare; and we are allowing it to happen.  It is time now for us to make a change and right the wrongs that overshadow our reign on this planet.

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We all reflect on episodes in our history, where dictatorships have committed evil acts of such callousness with complete disgust.  Yet our treatment of the earth is run in exactly the same manner.  We decide what lives and what dies; we do things our way and forget the pain we cause.  In these terms our contribution to this world does not seem so palatable.

Human nature is complex and contradictory.  What is it that forces one human into proactivity, driven by conscience and responsibility, while another finds comfort in covering their eyes and ears, blinding their senses to the anguish of other living creatures?



If life is a game of chess, a slow evolution of progress, an examination of sacrifices; what is it inside humanity that encourages so many of its people to become pawns, unable to transcend the challenges of life, slowly moving towards their own eventual sacrifice, at the hand of life, where their burden outweighs their usefulness?

Why is it that the pawns criticise the true Kings and Queens of their world; those who cover the most ground in a selfless bid to save a world that has been so callously abused?

I wonder how many people will read these words; their desperate plea for compassion and feel compelled to make those sacrifices necessary for positive change?  I fear that many will favour the easy route, their destiny inevitable, comfortable; disregarding the shameful inheritance they leave for their sons and daughters.

Our intellectual inheritance is as important as the physical one we are destroying day by day. We must educate our children so that our wrongs may be righted by those who have lent us the earth that we so carelessly damage.  We must instil in them the evils of greed and corruption that so easily taint the fabric of our society.

The world has been blessed with good people who are prepared to sacrifice more than others could ever imagine; good people determined to restore equilibrium to the imbalance we have created.

These people also have families and jobs; they ask for no honour to be bestowed on them or any gratitude to be laid at their feet. They act without pride or notoriety.  They do what they do because it is right, their duty and utterly necessary.

They understand the importance of their inheritance and listen to their conscience.  To these people, problems are not obstacles, but hurdles to be leap over, criticism is a challenge to reach new heights and pain is merely a four letter word.

They are God’s creatures, who in times of need and guidance will arm them with the weapons to fight adversity.  Such is the unique nature of the people I have met at SanWild.

Listen to their voices, for they are the last of a dying breed, our last chance and some of the true messengers of hope.