Young kudu bull treated for mange

SanWild undertook to help all wild animals in need irrespective of their conservation status or species and over the years we have had some really interesting cases.

Sarcoptic mange is not something one would expect in wildlife populations but just a week ago we were called out by a local citrus farmer to evaluate a young kudu bull that had moved into his orchards.  The animal was in serious trouble.  Its entire body was covered in mange and its physical condition was extremely poor and we realised that time would be of the essence if this poor creature was to stand any chance of survival.

It was darted the next day and despite it changes being slim to survive the darting, it actually did.  It has been in our quarantine boma ever since and is being treated to the best of our ability.  Sadly it is a very poor condition and although it is already looking much better at this stage, only time will tell if it will make a full recovery.  At the moment our biggest challenge is to keep its stress levels down and contain noise and movement around the quarantine boma

To read more about this disease in wildlife across the world please click on this link or open this file Sarcoptic Mange