Vervet baby delivered by Cesarean section

Yesterday one of the vervet mothers that were sent to us by the Conservation Department in Gauteng developed a pro-lapsed uterus.

Six vervet monkeys were removed from a private zoo in Johannesburg after their owner fled the law and left the animals behind.  He had systematically sold all the animals that was financially worth quite a bit, but animals with no financial worth, like vervets were left behind.  The monkeys were sent to us for a pilot project to find out how to rehabilitate and release captive bred, hand-reared and caged pet monkeys.

We have been waiting for this female to deliver her baby, but it appeared that something had gone horribly wrong and we rushed her to the vet this morning believing that indeed her baby had died and that the dead fetus would have to be removed surgically to save her life.

However as she was prepared for surgery and her stomach shaved there was, to our surprise a slight movement – the baby was still alive!  Dr. Gerrit Scheepers performed a c-section in record time and a HUGE baby which we called Noodle was born.  The first c-section Dr. Scheepers had ever done on a vervet monkey.

We will try to introduce Noodle with his mom tomorrow and will keep you updated.