Sugar well on her way to becoming wild.

Many of you will remember the young zebra foal we named Sugar that lost her mom just a bit more than a year ago when the mare was injured by an eland bull.  Despite our best attempts to save Sugar’s mom it was not too be. She died soon after being relocated to our rehabilitation centre.

Sugar that was hand-reared is doing great on the other hand.  She follows Andre is his vehicle around the reserve whenever she can and during one of these excursions a zebra stallion decided he really like this young mare.  He has been following Sugar around for days now and seems adamant that she is going to be the first female to be included in his new harem.

It is truly so amazing to see hand-reared animals slowly returning to their roots and the wild where they belong. Over the years we have had amazing successes brought about because the SanWild Wildlife Sanctuary offers us the unique opportunity to perfect soft release techniques that ensures an almost 100% success rate.

Sugar being follow by a wild zebra stallion that wants to claim her for his new kingship group
When Sugars stops, he stops sniffing and snorting at Andre; obviously not happy with the humans being around.