Animal Asylum

Streaks of pale yellow sunlight filter through the thick foliage and illuminate some impalas nibbling on the fresh, deep-green shoots of the reserve. They stop chewing and appear slightly startled by my opening the curtains of my room and, casting velvety brown eyes in my direction, resume their morning feed seconds later.

Not far off a troop of vervet monkeys are chattering away at the emerging sun and a small group of wildebeest youngsters kick up fine puffs of dust as they gallop playfully across the clearing by the waterhole while their mothers bow down to drink.

A peaceful scene and one that appears typical of any early morning in the African bush. But the exception here at SanWild is that the majority of the wild animals have names, along with a personal history, which in every single case is virtually too gruesome to comprehend.  Click here to read full article. Animal_Asylum