My animal world

All my adult life I loved nature and wild animals. It started off by me spending as much time as I possibly could in the bush. Taking time out from my hectic life as an advertising executive at the time was not easy at all.

Living in Cape Town way back in 1989 there were not too many wildlife reserves nearby to go and visit. Instead I spend many night-time hours watching wildlife video productions by people like the Derek and Beverley Joubert while my friends and business associates partied the night away.

At the time, we did not have DSTV and the opportunity to view the many great wildlife documentaries available on Animal Planet, National Geographic, and others. One thing was for sure, everything in me loved wild animals even if I did not have the opportunity to see most of them in real life.

I grew up in Namaqualand and the wildlife present on my father’s grape farm bordering the Olifantsriver between Klawer and Clanwilliam was limited to common duiker, steenbok, genets, caracal, jackal, otters, and a wide range of birds.

Even as a child my life was filled with the presence of animals – wild and domestic.  One of the most upsetting experiences I ever had was when my father whom I loved dearly returned from a biltong hunting trip with some friends. One of the friends proudly (I can recall the incident happening around 11pm) pulled a sack off the back of his vehicle and promptly emptied it on our lawn. It contained a dead brown hyena. At the time, I did not even know what it was but something inside me felt terribly sorry for the unfortunate creature that had been shot by my father’s friend who proudly talked about “the wolf” that he had killed.  No need to why I immediately burst into tears and would not stop crying even when my father picked me up in his strong arms totally freaked out at my response and obvious emotional pain.

Soon after this my dad gave up biltong hunting for good, but I will tell you about this some other time.

Little did I know at that stage how important “the wolf” would become in my adult life and how these very special creatures (and experiencing their suffering first hand) would affect my life and put me on a road that would change my life forever.

If you would like to join me I would be happy to share my life story with you and tell you how you too can protect the many magnificent creatures God created in a moment of absolute joy and pleasure.

Join me on my journey and share the world I live in.There is no other place like it in the whole wide world!