Lion fight’s snare and wins!

Snare Setting in Africa.  Follow the Spoor

Snares are the most common traps used to catch animals in Africa. It’s effective but also exceedingly cruel leaving animals to die of strangulation or hunger and thirst. Snares are also completely indiscriminate. It’s estimated that in some environments more than 40% of the animals snared can be non-target animals. Most of which are simply discarded by the people who set the snares.

The most common snares in Africa are made using metal wire or cable. Making a snare is simple which means many can be set with little effort. It consists of a wire noose set in an area where animals walk through. This noose is tied to a fixed object like a tree, stone or stump and as the animal puts it’s head or leg through the noose and moves on, it tightens and starts to strangle or hold the animal. As soon as the animal feels the tightening it will panic and try to break loose — this of course tightens the noose even further and the animal is trapped. The animal dies of strangulation or dehydration and hunger. Carnivores can also try and bite through the cable or a limb and die of blood loss in the process.

Lion fight’s snare and win!