Umfomo collar removed

Two days ago of our large elephant bulls, named Bukisa’s collar was removed as they are no longer working.This morning it was Umfomo’s turn, but darting him was not quite as simple.  This elephant bull that lost the tip of his trunk in a poacher’s snare before being relocated to SanWild in 2006, has always avoided people, but he, like most elephants absolutely love oranges and we used a bit of a sneaky trick to dart him.  Oranges was put out at the elephants favourite waterhole and shortly afterwards the entire herd arrived.  While feeding Umfomo was darted from a nearby hide and soon went down.  The rest of the herd remained close by as Dr. Keet and Andre Grobler quickly removed the collar.  Within minutes the antidote was administered and Umfomo got to his feet without any problems and continue to feed on his favourite treat as it nothing had happened.