Civet Kittens

During his early morning walk on the Friday 10th, Gerry (#94), heard and located 3 civet kittens lying on the remains of their dead mother. When Blackie, Hans and I went to investigate we found the kittens almost dead, mainly from dehydration. The mother had been dead for quite a number of days and the weather has been really hot this week. Of course, Murphy’s law being what it is, Friday was cool, so the kittens were cold. I slowly began to warm and rehydrate the kittens. Two of them responded well but the third kitten was too weak to take liquid orally and I didn’t have ringers on hand to subcutaneously rehydrate it. (I think I’d better keep some for future emergencies.) As the stronger 2 kittens were looking quite perky by now, we took them all through to Louise Joubert of SanWild. Unfortunately, one of the kittens died soon after arriving at SanWild.