Cheetah females released

This morning the time to release the two cheetah females finally arrived.  They have been in a holding and release boma since they arrived from the Mount Camdedoo Game Reserve in the Eastern Cape.  The gate to their enclosure was opened and a carcass was put out for them.  We made quite sure that it was far enough from the gate so that they had to venture outside to get to it.  When we released the male cheetahs they grabbed the  carcass put out for them and dragged it back into their release enclosure where they settled down to eat.  After feeding they simply refused to leave and only left the enclosure under cover of darkness.  We wanted to make sure the females could not pull the same stunt on us.   We waited for about 15 minutes before the two females left the enclosure to drag the young blue wildebeest carcass under cover of some trees and continued to feed.  This is where we left them.  When we returned later in the afternoon, they were nowhere to be seen.  We will however monitor them closely to ensure they are doing okay.