Bushbuck male tears his mouth open.

A young bushbuck ram had the misfortune of running into a game fence and seriously injured his mouth.  Left untreated this bad injury would eventually have resulted in a very serious infecting leaving the animal unable to feed resulting in its eventual death.

After searching for the animal for about 30 minutes he was located in some thick bush in obvious pain and feeling very sorry for himself.  The vet prepared a dart and about 10 minutes later the animal’s injuries were cleaned and stitched.  From there capture site he was found to an isolated boma where he could recover while human presence and activity was limited to providing food to ensure that he would not be too stressed out.

SanWild responds to all calls for help; irrespective of the animals species importance.  In the event where the animal’s owner does not want to carry the veterinary costs, we will be happy to have the animal donated and we will them pay for all its veterinary bills and post-operative treatment.  This bushbuck made a full recover and was returned to the wild after being kept in a temporary holding boma for a period of 6 weeks. For more information on bushbuck rams click here http://www.krugerpark.co.za/africa_bushbuck.html