Hadeda Ibis maliciously shot

On the 15th December last year we received a call for help from an elderly lady in Tzaneen.  She lives close to Tzaneen dam and just came upon 2 young boys with a pellet gun outside her yard on the pavement.  They had just shot one of the Hadeda Ibises’ known to her as they visit her garden every day.  She has no dogs or cats and absolutely adored the birds. She was furious as the boys ran off, but her concern was for one of the birds that could no longer fly away.  Using a lot of patience she coached the bird through her gate into know territory and it sought refuge behind a Wendy House used as a garden shed.  Within an hour we arrived at her house and captured the bird.  Fortunately the pellet did not do too much damage and we set off to Tzaneen Animal clinic where Dr. Pieter Cordier did a wonderful job pinning the wing. Three months later we returned the bird to her house where it was released to the wild.

View this wonderful clip of just how tame these birds can become if treated with love and respect; despite their piercing calls.