Animal Rescues

The SanWild Wildlife Trust established an emergency wildlife rescue service and rehabilitation centre in 2000.  Our mission is to rescue any injured, orphaned, traumatized or misplaced wildlife and return them to the wild when they are ready.  Our rehabilitation program is aimed at minimizing the interaction between wildlife and caregivers to ensure that the animals do not become imprinted or habituated to humans to such an extent that they cannot be returned to the wild.

SanWild will respond to all calls for help irrespective of the animal species in question and work with an extensive network of veterinarians across the country to provide help and veterinary care asap.

Support SanWild

If you believe wild animals need all the help they can get, please support our Sanctuary with a donation.


Members of the public is encouraged to report injured or orphaned wildlife and can call on our 24-hour emergency mobile +27 83 3103882 or email

SanWild also accepts hand-reared animals that are no longer wanted by their owners and will do everything we can to integrate such pets into wild populations.

Animals rescued in the past included amongst others, unwanted African elephants, confiscated hippos from Europe, brown hyenas from the United Kingdom and a variety of indigenous South Africa wildlife.

For more information and to read up on our rescues you can click here.