Animal suffering

Animal suffering


The young Styx lion male


To intervene or not to intervene?  What is our moral obligation?

Since yesterday my telephone has been ringing non-stop and I have received numerous emails alerting us to the predicament of a young male lion in the southern region of the Sabi Sands.  It is one the reserves adjoining the Kruger National Park.  Fences have been removed between the park and various private properties and wild animals move freely between the areas.

It appears that a young male lion known as the Styx Male Lion by rangers and guest are trying to establish a new territory after he had been driven from his pride.   About it month ago (so we are told) this young lion was unfortunately badly injured in a territorial fight.  As a direct result of a bad injury to one of his back leg or hip his physical condition started to deteriorate.  In his weakened state this young lion’s misfortune was not yet over and he was soon involved in yet another territorial dispute and sustained further injuries.  One injury saw his eyelid ripped open.  Fortunately his eye (so it seems from photographs) remained in tact.  Whatever the full extent of his injury is, his physical condition continues to deteriorate and many rangers and their guest have found this unfortunate creature’s obvious suffering emotionally distressing.

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